Founded and led by Sandy Rosenbluth, a 25+ year veteran of both provider and payer worlds, the company provides its services through its own staff and through partners. Paladin Partners works as a single team to bring big-business expertise to small and medium sized medical practices.
Sandy was a founder of StreamlineMD EMR in 2004, one of the first ‘Cloud’, subscription model products on the market. His leadership generated successful sales and implementations of dozens of primary and specialty care practices with extremely high levels of client satisfaction. His ability to talk ‘turkey’ with other vendors has helped many of his consulting clients over the years.
Sandy previously had started up and helped run a managed healthcare plan and insurance entity on behalf of a large integrated health system and acted as its IT director, employer product designer, head risk underwriter, clinical experience analyst and reporting manager as well as numerous other roles.

Paladin Partners has been a lead consultant for the Ohio Health Information Partnership, also known as Clinisync, since rollout of the HITECH Act Regional Extension Centers in 2010. The company has assisted hundreds of doctors in over one hundred practices find their right EHR solution, successfully implement it, attain Meaningful Use with it, and successfully claim maximum incentives through Federal and State programs